Me Vs. Wrench…. I Soooo Win

I am happy to report that the changes that the IBLCE has made to their program will have a minimal effect on me. The only change to my plans is that I must take three additional university courses (anatomy, physiology and nutrition). Thankfully, because of my psychology degree, I have already taken the other 5 required university course. I will now take these three courses concurrently with the 11 breastfeeding specific courses I am already taking (or will take!), and the 500 practice hours required. No biggie. :)

Right now I am happily studying “Breastfeeding Foundations” and gearing up to begin accumulating my hours this summer, working directly with mamas and babes. Bye bye shadow!

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One Response to “Me Vs. Wrench…. I Soooo Win”

  1. Laura Says:

    I love your little blog! I am glad things are working out for you and you will become a lactation consultant!! I am currently BF my son who is 5 months old and if wasn’t for the help of a LC I wouldn’t be! my little guy wouldn’t latch when he was born but with the help of a LC I am EBF and loving the experience! I am planning on keeping with it until he decides he doesn’t want anymore of Mommy’s milk!

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