‘Tis Better to Give

This morning I had my annual Christmas brunch with my wonderful group of girlfriends. We’ve been together as a group since we were 15 years old. It’s been amazing to have such a great support system for 16 years, and I look forward to celebrating many more days with these amazing women.

We’ve shared so many milestones – from having our first drinks and first loves, to graduating high school and then univeristy. The last few years have been filled with beautiful, memorable weddings and the births of five gorgeous babies (with more to come!)

There was a time when our annual Christmas gathering consisted of dinner out and a late night dancing at the bar. I have to say that I truly enjoy the evolution that has occurred. With busy lives and families to care for, it is great to enjoy a Saturday morning with friends over a cup of tea (and a few mimosas!)

Seeing as there would be three other children besides my own at brunch, I decided to buy small gifts for the kids from Tristan. I briefly pondered purchasing something for Tristan as well so that he would have a present to unwrap. Then I realized that I had stumbled upon a fantastic, meaningful learning opportunity for my son. I was hoping that he would experience the true joy of giving to others without the expectation of receiving something tangible in return.

I pulled the wrapped gifts from under the tree and handed one to Tristan, asking him to take it over to little Hailey. He paused and looked down at the gift. His hesitation made me nervous; I was worried that he was going to cry and want to keep the gift for himself. He shyly walked that first gift over and when he received a big “Thank you!” and smile in return, he proudly ran back to me, signing “more!” My heart overflowed with pride and love as I handed him the next gift and he happily carted it off to another friend. He returned a second time, eager to give another gift away.

At almost 20 months old, my sweet boy has felt the joy of giving to others, and was so happy to do so!  I am so proud of him!

And thanks to sweet little Annabelle, Tristan ended up with a gift to unwrap after all!

The ladies and babies

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