Mr. Bully

Tristan is usually the sweetest, most loving little boy. He loves to dance and run around, and he is always asking daddy to tickle him. He likes to make me “coffee” in his kitchen and loves to sit on my lap and show me all that he knows in his books. He usually gets very excited when I tell him that his friends are coming over, especially if it’s Emalea.

I don’t know what has changed, but the past week my son has become a *gasp!* bully!

This morning we had friends over for a playdate and I was worried about how it would turn out from the minute we got up today. I told Tristan that Emalea and Sophie were coming over to play with him. This remark elicited a smile. Then I told him they were going to play in his kitchen with him and I got a resounding “NO!”

I figured that once they got here and started to play,  Tristan would be happy to have his friends over. Nope. It was once the little girls arrived that the pushing started. One of the little girls would try to (God forbid!) play with one of his toys, and he in no uncertain terms let them know that they were HIS toys for HIS exclusive use.

Yipes. Each time there was in incident, I would pick Tristan up and say a firm “NO. We don’t hit.” Each time this was met with tears and frustration. I would put him back down and the cycle would continue.

Now, at only noon, I feel utterly exhausted and drained. I know that developmentally he is still really young and that sharing is a difficult concept. Still, I can’t help but feel badly that it was my little boy acting so spoiled this morning! I want Tristan to be able to enjoy his toys with his friends. And I want to be able to feel that I am a good mommy!

Someone please tell me this is a stage. Someone please tell me that this too shall pass. Having a bully child was not in my plan!

Tristan and Emalea sharing!

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