The Learning Curve

I have had several opportunities to work with various lactation consultants over the past month. What an interesting learning experience it’s been. I look forward to continuing to learn more and more about breastfeeding mothers and babies and the hurdles and joys that they face. It was wonderful to see the consultants in action. I look forward to the day where I can include myself among their ranks.

Among  the consultants I have been lucky enough to work with, I have seen such a variety of techniques and mannerisms. While they are all wonderful at what they do, I definitely relate to some styles more than others. Sometimes the interaction seems almost clinical to me, friendly but serious. Other consultants will sit down beside a mother and to an outsider you may think that they had been friends for years. This particular approach is very appealing to me. At a time when a mother is feeling stressed and exhausted and hormonal, I’m sure it is very reassuring to have that “girlfriend” type figure holding your hand as you struggle to learn what is so important to you.  Watching some of the women, it seems more like mother-to-mother support than a clinician-client relationship.

That is the kind of lactation consultant I hope to be one day! Now to get onto the next challenge of finding someone to mentor me…. 🙂

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