A Mother’s Love

Weeping. Sobbing. Sputtering all over the place. We are not just talking about a few tears here.

This is how you will find me as I finish reading the most beautiful, inspirational mommy blog I have ever been blessed to come across.

I have just finished reading Enjoying the Small Things, a blog and birth story by Kelle Hampton. Oh the tears I have shed for this woman and her family.

I can totally relate to Kelle’s excitement and anticipation to soon be meeting her second daughter. Imagining all the precious moments to come, wanting desperately to be able to soak everything in. Imagining how everything would unfold just so. This mother thought of everything. Heck, the woman even made gorgeous favours for the guests who would come to meet Nella at the hospital.

And then it was time. The beautiful moment of birth arrived, and this lovely mommy knew right away…. her precious baby had Down Syndrome.

She recounts looking down into those sweet newborn little eyes and understanding the pleading that was in them, “Love me. Love me. I’m not what you expected, but oh, please love me.”

Incredibly poignant and beautifully written, Kelle took me through the rollercoaster of emotions she has experienced since that fateful day, where everything she thought she knew wasn’t really as it seemed. Reading her majestic account, I have felt those soul wrenching sobs that she survived through that first night of Nella’s precious life, and I alternately felt the heart-bursting love as well. Kelle has triumphed and proved yet again, that a mother’s love knows no boundaries.

But don’t just take my word for it… check out this powerful story yourself. Just make sure to grab a box of kleenex!

Photograph Copyright  www.kellehampton.com

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