Spring has Sprung!

There’s nothing like a sunny early spring day to give you hope. Spring is the epitome of new life. The snow has melted, grass begins to return, and the warm sun feels oh-so-good on your face.

Tristan and I have been spending a lot of time outside, splashing in the puddles and welcoming home the flocks of geese as they pass overhead. It’s amazing to watch everything through a child’s eyes – nothing gets old or boring. Even though it’s the 20th flock of geese to fly by in the last half an hour, Tristan enthusiastically points and calls out, “Geeee!!” (toddler-speak for Geese) every time.

Every new mud puddle is an exciting discovery and the joy on his face, each time he throws a new pebble into the water and watches the resulting splash, never lessens.

Springtime we love you!

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