Becoming More Than a Shadow…

I am enjoying my time shadowing the talented and knowledgeable lactation consultants in Ottawa.  I am still visiting a couple of clinics regularly and tomorrow will work with a new consultant at another clinic. It is very valuable for me to work with many different consultants in a variety of settings. Though they all have a similar knowledge base, their personalities, and thus, the way they deal with mommies are all very different.

I love shadowing, but I am anxious to start learning a little more and start  getting a little more experience.

Based on the IBLCE‘s guidelines, I need to find a mentor who will help me to plan out how the next couple years of learning will go. This person will help me figure out how I will get my 500 hours of practical experience, course learning, and other learning experiences  before I write the final exam. All of the requirements must be met within five years prior to sitting the exam.

I am encouraged to continue to work with several consultants, but I do require one main mentor who will oversee my learning plan and oversee all of my work. Without a mentor, I really can’t move forward toward my goal.

I have someone in mind. I know she is busy as she works full time and has a family at home. We work well together (I’ve shadowed her for several weeks.) She always makes a point to include me when meeting with a mother and makes sure I understand what’s going on. Consequently I am learning heaps from her!

I am emailing her to see if she is at all interested in being my mentor. Fingers Crossed!

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