It is Easter weekend. The sun is shining and the thermometre is soaring well into the 20s. Luc had Good Friday off and we had big family plans of enjoying this incredible weather.


I have a fever and every swallow I take feels like shards of glass.


Yesterday morning, the most beautiful of all weekend, we had big plans to hit up the Experimental Farm with some friends. We were looking forward to enjoying the sunshine and “OOOoohhing” and “AAAAaahhhhing” over the cute newborn baby lambs.

Luc and Tristan jumped into the car and headed off to the farm. I jumped in my own car and headed to a walk-in clinic.

After getting a throat swab done, I had to head over to Loblaws to pick up groceries for the Easter Dinner I was to host the following night. It was the last thing in the world I wanted to do when I was feeling so horrible, but I had four people coming for dinner and I had to feed them something!

I quickly made my way through the store, picking up only what I needed for dinner. When I turned the corner, I was kicked while I was down. Hard.

I had NEVER seen line ups like this in my life. I chose the best looking line and skeptically counted each cart as I walked to the back of the line.

Sixteen. There were 16 people in front of me who had to pass through the cash before I had a hope of getting out of this madness. So what did I do?  The obvious. I called Luc and cried. Yup. I can admit it. I cried in Loblaws. I just felt so horribly and the thought of standing there  in this atrocious line was almost too much to bear. But what choice did I have? The Easter Dinner was looming.

That night, I sat all alone, eating a can of mushroom soup. Luc and Tristan had gone to a BBQ that I should have been at as well. But alas.. that pesky fever and sore throat kept me housebound.

As I really started to feel sorry for myself, I was reminded of something I often see on my friend Katie’s facebook page.


Often, her status report are simple lists – small reasons why she is thankful to be alive today. Small things that make this life so wonderful.

So I’m not feeling the best I ever have in my life. I still have much to be thankful for.

I am grateful for:

Two sets of parents who wanted to spend a holiday dinner with us.

Our health. Besides this darn cold.

Sticky drool running drown my incredibly happy son’s face as he devours his chocolate eggs.

Colourful eggs in cups.

An Easter morning so warm that the Easter Bunny hid his eggs outside.

An awesome husband and the sweetest boy on the face of the earth.


Ahhhh… life is good!

And thus was the end of my pity party!

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