The G-Factor

There is nothing so sacred as the bond between a grampa and his first-borne grandson.

From the time when Tristan was a tiny, colicky baby, Tristan and grampa were two peas in a pod. They would go on endless strolls around the city so that both Tristan and I, so completely sleep deprived, could finally get some rest.

Now that Tristan is older (almost the ripe old age of two!) their bond continues to strengthen everyday. They call each other on the phone several times of day, and “papa” is often the first word out of Tristan’s mouth when he wakes up in the morning.

Oh, mommy and daddy are pretty special in this little guys life too, but grampa trumps us all.

As an extremely attached mama, I am so blessed to have someone (no, many someones) in my son’s life who love him so much. But there is something special about grampa. There is no one Tristan would rather be with if mama and daddy are away, and no one we are more comfortable leaving him with.

Sure, my kid will more than likely have the far-from-complete diet of popcorn, french fries, chicken fingers and ice cream while we are gone. But oh, he will be one happy boy.

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