Permission to Love

Big news to announce today…. Tristan will be getting a little sibling, somewhere near the end of October!

I had my first ultrasound  today… we saw the tiny babe (6.1 cms long!) and saw the miniature heart fluttering from deep within my belly. What an active little munchkin s/he was, doing flips and turns, definitely giving the tech who was trying to take measurements a run for her money!  The little hands were constantly up around the face, reminding me of Tristan, as this is exactly how he was born, with one arm draped across his forehead!

It’s amazing how seeing those images on the screen have somehow made this so much more real. Five minutes of seeing my precious new little babe on a screen have made me fall in love… where yesterday I had no connection to this pregnancy at all.

Somehow, seeing this active little peanut, growing exactly according to textbook timeline, four miniature limbs waving around, has given my heart permission. Permission to love the new life growing inside me. My new baby!

2 Responses to “Permission to Love”

  1. Jessica Howe Says:

    So excited for you, Luc and Tristan! Are you going to find out the gender?

    • andrealevesque Says:

      Thanks! We haven’t decided yet… I am leaning towards keeping it a surprise! Luc caught Tristan and will do the same for this babe – it would be great for Luc to be able to see first and tell me! 🙂

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