Psyc 101

These last two weeks have shown the most dramatic improvement in Tristan’s speech.  We have been *mildly* concerned for a couple of months and have even taken him to First Words a couple of times. While his vocabulary is huge, the little guy could never seem to get an entire word out – he always stopped after the first syllable. For example, “book” was always “buh”  and “cobra” was “co co.”

I don’t know what has happened this past week but he all of a sudden “gets” it. His little face completely lights up when he says a complete word… he knows he’s done well and his expression beams with pride. My jaw keeps dropping in amazement as he keeps coming out with with these three word phrases!

For a psych major like me who focused on infant and child development, this is so cool! Really cool! A psych experiment right in my own house!

His thirst for knowledge is so awe-inspiring. The kid absolutely ADORES dinosaurs and insists on knowing each and every proper name for each of his figurines. Thank goodness for Google so that I can teach them to myself first! 🙂 He will proudly point out which is the pterodactyl and which is the stegosaurus. And make no mistake…. if you call a little dino by the wrong name, you WILL be corrected by a two year old. 🙂

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