One Happy Mama

I LOVE summer days.

I love heading out to the backyard in our jammies because Tristan NEEDS to go in the sand box RIGHT NOW!

I love having the time to prepare a picnic in the middle of the week so that Tristan and I can bike down to the beach and meet daddy for dinner. There’s nothing like spreading out our dusty old Mexican blanket and flopping down under the shade of a giant Red Pine to enjoy the afternoon together. Tristan is very happily entertained searching for pinecones and ants. It doesn’t take him long to want to get “bear nay” (bare naked – which means the state he is in if any previously covered inch of his body is now undressed!) and head into the water with daddy for a splash.

I love to plant my flowers with my little helper, with the intense hope that I really CAN grow something… despite the fact I have killed every plant I have ever attempted to nurture. Yes, this does include bamboo and a cactus.

I love the feeling of being so blessed to have so many friends share a wonderful backyard BBQ. We really are grateful to have so many wonderful people in our lives!

I intensely cherish all of these wonderful days I have with my son. I go to bed completely content in the knowledge that I will never wish that I had snuggled/played/read more with my child… because that is what consumes our days. I know that these days will pass so quickly and I feel honoured and blessed that I get to enjoy them to the fullest with my little man. Every. Single. Day.

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