Daddy Time

We just arrived back from a 10 day road trip which brought us through Quebec and New Brunswick, to a modest little cottage we rented on PEI. We had an amazing trip spending time as a family, stuffing ourselves full of delicious seafood and splashing in the frosty Atlantic.

One of the best parts for me was watching my two boys spend some real quality time together. As a stay at home mom since Tristan was born, it’s often been the “mommy-and-Tristan show.” I am the one who gets to enjoy all the small little moments and accomplishments of the day. I have been there through thick and thin (or messy crafts and bonked heads, as the  case may be), so the little guy has definitely come to develop a lot more separation anxiety when it comes to mommy.

As the breadwinner of the family, Luc usually gets the leftovers of our day, and after a long day of playing and learning and being two, that last hour before bedtime is not always Tristan’s best hour of the day.

With 10 days of nothing but sand and surf and a whole lot of snacks, Luc and Tristan had plenty of time to snuggle and be silly and search for bizarre worms in the sand. It was really great for me to watch them bond over an ice cream or to play dinosaurs on the floor. Luc is a really great daddy and I am happy that he got so much time to really soak up the role. Luc was lucky to spend so much time with such a great, funny and intelligent little boy, and Tristan was long overdue to hang out so much with his daddy.

As the saying goes, any man can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad. Luc is that special man, which makes Tristan (and his mommy!) some very happy people.

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