The Last Days of Summer

Mother Nature has blessed us with a heat wave for the last days of summer. Feeling anxious about all the changes coming in our life in the next couple months (Tristan starting preschool, the arrival of baby  #2) I have felt compelled to squeeze every last drop out of the summer.

In the last week, we’ve been to the swimming pool three times and the beach twice. We’ve enjoyed the shade of our front yard whilst drawing sharks with sidewalk chalk, and I introduced Tristan to the wonder that is hopscotch.

We went “kayaking” in the garage (since I’m far too pregnant to lug the boat to the river alone!) and we “camped” in the yard.

And the best part of the hot weather? The ice cream. With a Baskin Robbins a quick one kilometre walk from our house, we’ve absolutely used this heat as an excuse to indulge.

Ice cream is by far Tristan’s most favourite treat. Any time, anywhere, the kid will happily lap up the cold, sticky goodness. Tonight he took his love of the confection to a whole new level. After wiping copious amounts of residue off of him, we noticed that he still had a dribble on his elbow. Not wanting to waste a single drop, Tristan attempted to lick the remainder off of his elbow!

Unfortunately for him, his little tongue just wouldn’t reach! Always looking for a solution, Tristan says, “Mommy wick it!”

No thanks buddy. It’s all yours. 🙂

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