A Boy’s Adventure = A Momma’s Anxiety

T minus one week until Tristan embarks on his next big boy adventure: My little guy is starting preschool! On Wednesday we go together for an hour, to meet his teachers and hang out in his classroom. The following Monday I will drop Tristan off. At preschool. All by himself!!

Ack! I can feel my anxiety mounting by the day. I think Tristan is *sort of* excited to go. We read books daily about going to preschool and all the fun things you get to do there, and we even went shopping for his first backpack.

The only catch: he thinks mommy is going to preschool too.

This is what worries me. I’ve gently told him in a roundabout way several times that, “yes, mommy will bring you to preschool and will always come to pick you up….” but haven’t got around to making it extremely clear that I am in fact going to drop him off with two strange teachers and a roomful of unknown children and then drive off into the sunset.

Ok, so maybe that sounds a little dramatic, but geesh. Tristan and I have been together for 24/7 for the last 2.5 years. It’s going to be such a big adjustment for both of us.

I *KNOW* that once he gets into the groove, he is going to absolutely love going to preschool. He is going to love learning, love playing with new kids and impressing his teachers.

It’s just the first  few days that worry me. I don’t think my heart can take my wee little man crying out for me as I walk away. ACK! Crossing fingers for an uneventful first day!

Tristan making Volcanoes

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