Let’s Get Clinical

It’s official! I  finally received approval from the IBLCE to start collecting my clinical hours! Because I am not a health care provider, I had to (along with my mentor) develop my plan for how I am  going to learn all of the LC competencies AND accumulate 500 clinical hours.

Well, that plan has finally got official approval and I logged my first clinical hours this week. Three down, only 497 to go!

The list of competencies is lengthy but fascinating. It is amazing for me to look at that list, now 9 months into observation and course work, and realize how many of them I can cross off my list as knowing and understanding already. There is still much to learn but it is encouraging to realize just how far I’ve come. I look forward to all the experiences awaiting me. I am especially fascinated with the idea of working with infants under 2 hours of age… now I just have to find a couple mommies who’d like to have an LC in training attend their births!

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