That Which Matters the Most

As seems to be the case for projects and jobs I’ve started recently, this post was started what seems like eons ago and I am finally getting back to it now. Little Logan has decided he is not happy anywhere but on my breast this afternoon so attached to the couch I am, slowing and awkwardly typing one-handedly while balancing his ever growing body in the other arm.

Several weeks ago I wrote this paragraph:

I am going to snuggle on the couch all afternoon with my newest little man, watching his sweet expressions as he sleeps. I am going to do this despite the countertops covered in crumbs and the mountain of laundry in the hallway, because the days go by too  fast and I will never have a three week old to call my own again. That, and he’s just so darn cute.

As I sit here today, my baby is 11 weeks old (Seriously? How is that possible?!) and I am still feeling the same way. Our days are typically spent doing puzzles (Tristan is an addict!) and becoming characters in Tristan’s over-the-top imaginative scenarios. Often it involves building “gates” (aka creating block walls) to keep out the troodon dinosaurs or “camping”  and “making marshmallows” in our blanket tent. Today we were escaping alligators and snakes, jumping out of the “deep blue sea” onto our mattress boat.

As we play I look around and still I see more mountains of laundry in the hall  (I only had one more baby – you’d think I had seven judging by the exponential increase in washing machine time) and piles of every plastic dinosaur known to man litter the floor. No way am I winning any Miss Susie Homemaker awards this year – just sayin’!

Meh. Am I worried? Not really.

Now don’t get me wrong – it’s not that I think it’s great for kids to grow up in a disaster zone and I will be sure to have a nutritious meal on the table most nights. After the kidlets are asleep I have been known to sweep through the house like a mad woman putting (at least some) things back in their place. I just choose to spend my  time and energy in the day on squeezing every last drop of good times (and of course some challenging ones too!) with my kids.

The other day a quote on my Lululemon bag jumped out at me. It exactly echos my sentiments here.

That which matters the most should never give way to that which matters the least.

Nothing matters to me more than my smiling babies. Happy kids, full tummies…the rest can wait!

…At least until my house cleaner shows up on Monday! 🙂

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