Real Life

Life is great…

… except when it isn’t.

You know those days. Pleeeeaaaase tell me you know those days too. The ones where you open your eyes and it starts. The demands. The crying. The whining. OH MY GAAAAWD the whining. And sometimes, after a really long night, tears will form in your tired eyes, before you even pull back the covers. It’s all you can do to keep it together, and then even the cat joins in on the chorus. MEEEEOOOOOWWWWWWW! Because even the cat wants something from you.

I’ve had a few of those heart-sinking days this week, when I’ve thought, “For the love of all that is good, what about ME?! When do I get five minutes just to BE?” Mommies give and give…. and then we give some more. And sometimes we just give so much and are so exhausted that we snap at our whiny two year at the supper table and then join in on the tears with him.

Am I the only one? I cannot possibly be the only one out there who has the occasional day that is not all love and roses.

I stopped in at the clinic yesterday to weigh Logan and was lamenting to my mentor about how BLAH I’ve been feeling these last few days and she said, “You are so honest. THAT is real life.”

And you know what? She was right. That is real life.Real life comes with tickle fights and blanket forts and movie nights  snuggled on the couch. But it also comes with sleepless nights,  cranky kids (who are so much more difficult to deal with after said sleepless nights) and days when you really just don’t feel like playing dinosaurs. Again. And maybe if we were all more open and honest about the ups and downs and highs and lows, then maybe I wouldn’t have been consumed with so much mommy guilt after losing it at the supper table. Maybe I would have been kinder to myself and realized that I was not a bad mommy, I was simply a real mommy. Maybe we’d all feel justified in taking our supermommy capes off for just a while and allowing ourselves to be real people who feel real emotions in this real life.

What I found after naptime this week. "Mommy, I made it rain books!"

Because just like photo albums only display pictures from the happy times, so do discussions and blogs tend to rave about all the wonderfulness of life. And don’t get me wrong… we need to celebrate, we need to cherish those good times… but those rough times are important too. They create valid emotions and they help to shape us into the wonderful and loving parents and friends and spouses that we are.

Phew. Now that I’ve got that off my chest, please excuse me, while I once again don my supermommy cape. A sweet little boy is begging me to play dinosaurs with him (“Puhweeease mommy!”) and I am happy to oblige.

One Response to “Real Life”

  1. Michelle Says:

    you are so right, how would we enjoy the good days without the tough times for contrast? you are definitely not alone in having those days! The whining is what does me in most often… of course it is designed to make us crack and give in to demands so they learn how to make it as annoying as possible! 🙂

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