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The Best Day

June 25, 2013

I’ve just turned the big “35” – and my celebration was one of the best that I can remember!

We were out with the boys in the morning and Luc insisted that we had to be home by 11. Unbeknownst to me, he had planned an amazing day to celebrate my birthday.

I was sitting in the living room, all ready to go…to an unknown “somewhere,” and Luc was nervously pacing the room. He would look out the front window and then check his computer, and back again. While he was wearing a path into our floor, I could only wonder what he was up to. I figured either a friend or a taxi were supposed to be picking me up and were obviously running late.

Oh how very wrong I was. Finally, my transportation arrived, and I was put inside a long white stretch limo!


I was told that the limo was taking me out for lunch, to the spa for a manicure, and then back home again for a BBQ with friends.


… But first, I had to have a ride around the block with my boys. 🙂


My initial reaction at this amazing sounding plan was excitement, and to be honest, a little disappointment. Of course, I hid the twinge of disappointment as Luc had obviously gone through a lot of trouble organizing this day, but I was a bit apprehensive about spending this day alone. I thought the day sounded perfectly suited to share with a friend. I worried that being alone for the afternoon would be, well… lonely.

Oh how wrong I was! I had (prepaid!!) reservations at the fantastic Play Food and Wine. How marvelous it was to sit alone, lost in my own thoughts, caught up in my kindle, and people-watch out the window. I sipped my wine, savoured my food… and just breathed. And breathed some more. It’s so rare that I get to sit and just…. be. I am thankful to Luc for giving me the solo dining experience. I can’t wait to do it again!


I enjoyed two fabulous glasses of wine with my scrumptious meal, and then tried really, REALLY hard not to appear tipsy as I had my nails manicured an hour later. God (and the manicurist!) only know how successful I was!

A peaceful limo ride brought me to home to a gathering of wonderful friends and their equally fabulous children. To be surrounded by so many that I love, and to feel loved in return, was, well, priceless.


Seriously, one of the best birthdays I can ever remember. Thank you Luc and friends.




June 25, 2013

Somehow, five years have passed since I met the precious little boy who made me a mama.



He can be shy and timid, sometimes silly and always cautious. He loves his dinos and all things angry birds. He would happily divide his time between the ipad and the trampoline. He is great with vocabulary and numbers. And oh, how I love him. For his birthday, he had just one request – an angry birds birthday party. My boy asks… and mama makes it happen. 😉


Add together some gymnastics and some yummy angry bird cupcakes, and I’d say it was a success!   IMG_0116     IMG_0135

Happy birthday Tristan!