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Journey to 21k

February 28, 2012

May 27, 2012 will mark a celebratory day for me. I will be one of 11, 000 people lined up downtown, anticipation and excitement running through our veins as we wait for the starting gun. That day I will scratch an item off my bucket list.

I will run a half marathon!

This is a huge challenge for me. The longest distance I’ve ever run previously was 10k… and it was tricky. I set off on this adventure knowing that it would be difficult at times but have looked forward to pushing myself and feeling the excitement and exhilaration of reaching my goal when I cross that finish line. (I am totally going to be one of those finish line criers. I do not look forward to seeing my finishing picture which will most definitely feature me in the middle of an ugly cry.)

Back when I had Logan, I remember feeling like I could conquer anything. After delivering my sweet baby at home in my own bed, I knew I would be able to look back on that day during any difficult physical or emotional challenge and summon the strength to keep going. I set those memories aside with plans to pull them out again when I started to train for my 21k.

And now here I am. Logan’s birth does still inspire me, but I’ve discovered something else that pulls me along.


When I think about it, I realize how fortunate am. I have a healthy body. The only thing that can stop me from training for this race is me. All I have to do is slip on my running shoes… and just do it. Even when it’s cold. Even when I’m tired. Even when I just don’t feel like it.

There are people in this world and in my life that would give anything to run a race/climb a mountain/{insert amazing challenge here}. Unfortunate circumstances prevent them from doing some of the things they would like to do, in the manner they would like to do them.

How fortunate am I? I can do anything. Anything.

Wow. What an amazingly powerful thought.

Words are very significant to me. When I was in labour with Logan, mantras to remind me that I am capable, repeated in my head. Now words are helping me with this challenge too.

Thank you for my strong legs that can run.

Thank you for my strong heart and lungs.

Thank you for my healthy body.

Because I only get one chance at this beautiful thing called life. And I only get one body. I want to appreciate them every step of the way.